Testy i Ćwiczenia – All Everything

Ćwiczenie 1 – all / everything /everyone / everybody / every

  1. Tom didn’t have much money with him at. _______he had was 5 pounds. Odpowiedź: all
  2. Bob told me_________about his vacation. It sounds very cool. Odpowiedź: everythingOdpowiedź
  3. I don’t have to tell him ____________. Odpowiedź: everythingOdpowiedź
  4. When the fire alarm rang, _________ left the hotel without delay. Odpowiedź: everyone, everybodyOdpowiedź
  5. We had a dificult exam, but__________ of us passed. Odpowiedź: allOdpowiedź
  6. ________ I’ve eaten this morning is a sandwich. Odpowiedź: all Odpowiedź
  7. Lilly is ill. She has some pills. She has to take them___________ eight hours. Odpowiedź: every
  8. We don’t know where she was going. _____________she said was that she was going for a walk. Odpowiedź: allOdpowiedź
  9. I’ve been trying to phone her all night but ___________I phone her the line is engaged. Every time Odpowiedź

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