Zdania twierdzące

  1. She ___ in San Francisco for 5 years by then. a) will have lived b) will live
  2. Jane ___ to the dentist’s by the time you finish it. a) will have gone b) will going
  3. They___ supper by 5.. a) should have have b) will have had
  4. Johnny ___ his piano by the end of the year. a) will have built b) will building
  5. We ___ to fly a plane by the time I’m 18. a) will have learned b) will learn
  6. He ___ it by Saturday. a) will have fnished b) will finishing
  7. Peter ___ the whole garden by next week. a) will watered b) will have watered
  8. I ___ a bike by 2007. a) buy b) will have bought
  9. She ___ Cola by now. a) will have drunk b) will drunk
  10. Helen ___ you for 2 years by 2008. a) will knowing b) will have known

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