Zdania twierdzące

  1. She ___ in San Francisco for four years by 2004. a) will have been leaving b) will have leaving
  2. Jane ___ as a dentist for a week by Friday. a) will going b) will have been working
  3. They___ for supper for three hours now. a) will have been having b) will coming
  4. Johnny ___ the piano for two hours. a) will have been playing b) are playing
  5. We ___ a plane for a year next week. a) will have been flying flying b) will flying
  6. He ___ a book for two years by Monday. a) will have been reading b) are reading
  7. Peter ___ in the park for two hours before we get there. a) will have been walking b) are walking
  8. I ___ a bike by the end of the year. a) are riding b) will have been riding

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