Rozumienie ze słuchu

Zadanie 1.

1.1. E

1.2. A

1.3. C

1.4. B

1.5. F

Zadanie 2.

2.1. T

2.2. F

2.3. T

2.4. F

2.5. F

Zadanie 3.

3.1. C

3.2. A

3.3. B

3.4. A

3.5. C

Rozumienie tekstu czytanego

Zadanie 4.

4.1. B

4.2. C

4.3. E

4.4. D

4.5. A

4.6. A

4.7. C

4.8. E

Zadanie 5.

5.1. T

5.2. T

5.3. T

5.4. F

5.5. F

5.6. F

Zadanie 6.

6.1. D

6.2. B

6.3. D

6.4. C

6.5. A

6.6. Zdający C


Zadanie 7.

I can’t visit you because I am sick.

I won’t be able to come to England next week because I am in hospital.

I have to stay in bed.

The doctor advised me not to travel.

What are you doing during holidays?

I wonder how you are going to spend your holiday.

Let’s to the mountains together when I get better.

How about going on holiday together when I am well?

Zadanie 8.

I decided to take a year off after graduating.

I am going to take a gap year when I finish school.

I need money for my studies.

I have decided to take a gap year to rest.

I will work in a restaurant.

I am going to England to babysit and do some sightseeing.

When I come back, I will start my studies.

I will go to work after I am back home.

My friends support me.

Mark said it is a good idea.

I’m afraid my parents won’t like the idea.

I’m afraid to tell my mum about it. Strona 6 z 6

What do you think about it?

Tell me what you think.

How should I talk to my parents about it?

Please, help me. What should I tell my mum?

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