Zadanie 4. (5 pkt)

Zapoznaj się ze zdaniami podanymi w tabeli. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie ogłoszenie na temat obozu młodzieżowego. Zdecyduj, które zdania podane w tabeli są zgodne z treścią tekstu (TRUE), a które nie (FALSE). Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz l punkt. Transkrypt

4.1. The announcement is addressed to an information office team.
4.2. Groups bringing their own camping equipment must inform the organizers on arrival.
4.3. Campers will have to share cooking with another group.
4.4. Food and cooking equipment are included in the price of the camp.
4.5. The organizers have planned some off-site activities for the participants.

Zadanie 5. (4 pkt)

Zapoznaj się z poniższymi zdaniami. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie opinie czterech osób na temat graffiti. Przyporządkuj każdej osobie (5.1.-5.4.) jedno ze zdań (A-F). Dwa zdania podane zostały dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej wypowiedzi. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz l punkt. Transkrypt

A. Working for local people might be a more appropriate solution.
B. Locking people up for vandalism will only alienate them further.
C. Tagging has no artistic qualities, but real graffiti can be beautiful.
D. Tagging brings a threatening feel to the area.
E. The law is the law and there should be no exceptions.
F. Graffiti which is admired as genuine street art should be encouraged.
5.1. SPEAKER 1
5.2. SPEAKER 2
5.3. SPEAKER 3
5.4. SPEAKER 4

Zadanie 6. (6 pkt)

Zapoznaj się ze zdaniami podanymi poniżej. Usłyszysz dwukrotnie wywiad z nastoletnim biznesmenem. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią rozmowy. Zaznacz jedną z czterech możliwości, zakreślając literę A, B, C lub D. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz l punkt. Transkrypt

6.1. Martin Halstead left school in order to
A. get a pilot’s licence.
B. design flight simulators.
C. launch a passenger airline.
D. find an airline job.
6.2. During a meeting in Edinburgh Martin experienced some problems because he
A. didn’t have A levels.
B. lacked experience.
C. wasn’t serious enough.
D. looked youthful.
6.3. In order to succeed Martin has had to
A. invest a lot of money.
B. spend less time flying.
C. fly almost every day.
D. learn to speak louder.
6.4. Martin has to work much longer hours these days because he
A. travels a lot between his office and Oxford Airport.
B. encounters many problems with his operations team.
C. has numerous public relations commitments.
D. works at the airport management office.
6.5. Nowadays Martin often feels
A. depressed.
B. exhausted.
C. ill.
D. crushed.
6.6. According to Martin, it is most important for a young businessman to be
A. well-off.
B. experienced.
C. imaginative.
D. strong-willed.


Zadanie 7. (5 pkt)

Przeczytaj poniższy tekst, z którego usunięto pięć zdań. Wstaw zdania oznaczone literami A – F w luki 7.1. – 7.5. tak, aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Jedno zdanie podane zostało dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 1 punkt.

Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb check out this season’s hottest new ski resort It’s 35 degrees outside and it’s just started to snow. Not content with temperaturecontrolled beaches and a manmade archipelago, the sun-baked emirate of Dubai has decided to introduce Alpine weather into the desert. 7.1. ______ Two weeks ahead of its scheduled opening date of 2 December, we have been invited for a sneak preview. As we pass through the entrance a rush of glacial wind pushes itself to the base of our lungs and we feel the crunch of fresh snow underfoot. 7.2. ________ Two young men having a snowball fight, fir trees hanging heavy with frost and a handful of black-coated visitors trudging up a steep, snow-white hill like a pack of penguins. Central to this snapshot of wintry perfection are two Emiratis in white robes kneeling in eight inches of powder, letting snow run through their fingers and giggling at the sheer insanity of it all. Even in this endlessly ambitious city, taking temperatures of up to 45°C down to below zero seemed crazy. 7.3. ________ It’s currently engaged in a number of surreal super projects: building the first ever underwater hotel; constructing a theme park that’s larger than the city itself; and erecting the tallest tower in the world – the Burj Dubai, whose height is a closely guarded secret. Next year will see the opening of the Palm Island project, a vast manmade archipelago stretching into the Persian Gulf. For Dubai, ‚moderation’ is a dirty word. Ski Dubai juts out of the Mall of the Emirates – the largest shopping centre outside the States – like a giant metallic elbow. Just off Dubai’s main motorway, the tube-like structure is far from pretty, an unusual blip in this aesthetically conscious city. 7.4. ________ Craning our necks to take in the cavernous 22,500 square metre space, we trudge around mountains and igloos to the foot of the complex’s five-slope arena. Unlike the snow park – the ski-free area at the foot of the hill – the slopes are not yet open to the public and the sight of this pristine white carpet sweeping upwards and out of view is eerie and intimidating. 7.5. ________ Yet within a fortnight this virgin snow will be being carved up by 1,500 skiers and snowboarders. We reach the mid-point smiling but out of breath. It’s home to the Avalanche Cafe, a balconied chalet which will soon be warming weary skiers with fondue, hot chocolate and the dubious pleasures of non-alcoholic mulled wine. For now this is as far as we are
allowed to go, but around the corner, at the very top of the 85-metre high building, lies Ski Dubai’s longest run. Abridged from:

A. But this is a city that refuses to be limited by such trifling matters as logic, physics or geography.
B. Thankfully, once Ski Dubai is open the snowmaking sessions will take place only during the night.
C. As we trudge past abandoned snowmobiles and a colossal chairlift hung with icicles, the feeling is more ice-age apocalypse than hot new resort.
D. But inside it’s a wonder.
E. Before us lies a scene ripped straight from a Christmas card.
F. The location of this meteorological oddity is Ski Dubai, the third largest indoor slope in the world.

Zadanie 8. (4 pkt)

Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zaznacz jedną z czterech możliwości, zakreślając literę A, B, C lub D. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz l punkt.

I come home from work and my husband David almost skips out of his office to greet me.
"Look, Brenda," he says, and then proceeds to bow at me vigorously, as if I were the Queen.
"My back. I don’t feel anything. Not a twinge."
"Did you go to see Dan Silverman?" Dan Silverman is an osteopath that we recommend at the
surgery, and I’ve been telling David to see him for months. Years, probably.
"So what happened?"
"I saw someone else."
"This guy in Finsbury Park."
"In Finsbury Park?" Dan Silverman has a practice in Harley Street. There is no Harley Street
equivalent in Finsbury Park, as far as I know. "How did you find him?"
"Newsagent’s window."
"A newsagent’s window? What qualifications has he got?"
"None whatsoever." Information delivered with a great deal of pride and aggression,
inevitably. Medical qualifications belong on my side of the great marital divide, and are
therefore to be despised.
"So you let someone completely unqualified mess around with your back. Smart decision,
David. He’s probably crippled you for 1ife."
David starts to bow again. "Do I look like someone who’s been crippled?"
"Not today, no. But nobody can cure a bad back in one session."
"Yeah, well. GoodNews has."
"What good news?"
"That’s his name. GoodNews. Capital G, capital N, all one word. DJ GoodNews, actually.
To give him his full title."
"DJ Not Dr."
"It’s, you know, a clubby thing. I think he used to work in a disco or something."
"Always useful when you’re treating back complaints. Anyway, out of interest, what did his
advert say?"
"Something like, I don’t know. ‚Bad Back? I can cure you in one session.’ And then his
telephone number."
"And that impressed you?"
"Yeah. Of course. Why mess around?"
"I’m presuming this GoodNews person isn’t some sort of alternative therapist."
"I don’t know what you’d call him."
"Did he give you drugs?"
"I thought that was your definition of alternative. Someone who doesn’t give you drugs."
"The point is, he’s fixed me."
"So what did this guy do?"
"Just rubbed my back a bit with some Deep Heat and sent me on my way. Ten minutes."
"How much?"
"Two hundred quid."
I look at him. "You’re kidding."
Abridged from: "How to Be Good" by Nick Hornby

8.1. David seems to be
A. a very energetic person.
B. proud of his physical strength.
C. delighted about his recovery.
D. a sceptical, suspicious man.
8.2. Someone called DJ GoodNews
A. runs a hospital in Finsbury Park.
B. laughs at medical qualifications.
C. probably harmed David.
D. uses a catchy advertisement.
8.3. David admires GoodNews because he
A. is an alternative therapist.
B. treats his patients efficiently.
C. does not use any drugs.
D. didn’t charge him a lot.
8.4. During the conversation Brenda
A. shows her enthusiasm for the new therapy.
B. turns aggressive towards David.
C. expresses her doubts about David’s recovery.
D. becomes unsympathetic towards her husband.

Zadanie 9. (3 pkt)

Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie wybierz właściwe, poprawne pod względem gramatycznym i leksykalnym, uzupełnienie luk 9.1. – 9.6. Zaznacz jedną z czterech możliwości, zakreślając literę A, B, C lub D. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź otrzymasz 0,5 punktu.

Learning the 25,000 streets of London can be a full time job and take two to four years. Hopeful cab drivers must first 9.1. _____ the 400 routes in the famous Blue Book. To do this they must participate in a programme called The Knowledge. Then, they must pass a series of tests to prove they can always find the shortest routes between any two London 9.2. _____. George Harper, a 27-year-old Londoner, who has studied The Knowledge for two years says the best way to study is on a bike. "Remembering the streets’ names is the hard part," says Harper. "There are no set rules. I ride about two to six hours a day and I have to admit I am finding it relatively easy. It’s just repetition until everything 9.3. _____ into place." Not everyone finds it so easy. In fact, only three 9.4. _____ ten people who begin The Knowledge finish and receive the green badge. Many of the Knowledge Boys are lifelong Londoners. They say becoming better acquainted with their hometown is another 9.5. _____ of their studies. "I was completely blind to how diverse the city is," says Harper. "And learning the secret history of London also keeps me going." Some minicab companies are introducing a satellite-based navigation system. But Knowledge Boys don’t think technology will ever be able to replace a knowledgeable cabbie. "It will be some time before a computer can ‚discuss’ a destination 9.6. ____, like a stage door or a certain house," says one current student.

Adapted from:
A. review
B. present
C. remind
D. master
A. destinations
B. guidelines
C. milestones
D. signposts
A. will fall
B. fell
C. may fall
D. falls
A. out of every
B. of the exactly
C. for each of the
D. from each
A. value
B. benefit
C. gain
D. good
A. in particular
B. in pieces
C. in detail
D. in brief


4.1. The announcement is addressed to an information office team. True
4.2. Groups bringing their own camping equipment must inform the organizers on arrival. False
4.3. Campers will have to share cooking with another group. False
4.4. Food and cooking equipment are included in the price of the camp. False
4.5. The organizers have planned some off-site activities for the participants. True

5.1. SPEAKER 1 F
5.2. SPEAKER 2 D
5.3. SPEAKER 3 E
5.4. SPEAKER 4 A

6.1. A

6.2. D

6.3. B

6.4. C

6.5. B

6.6. D

7.1. F

7.2. E

7.3. A

7.4. D

7.5. C

8.1. C

8.2. D

8.3. B

8.4. C

9.1. D

9.2. A

9.3. D

9.4. A

9.5. B

9.6. C

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