Testy i Ćwiczenia – Strona Bierna (Passive Voice)

Passive forms of the verb in Present Simple

  1. My apartment CLEAN thoroughly every day. Odpowiedź: is cleaned
  2. Twenty people EMPLOY by my firm. Odpowiedź: are employed
  3. Bob BELIEVE to be a very nice person. Odpowiedź: is belived
  4. Many accidents CAUSE by irresponsible drivers. Odpowiedź: are coused Odpowiedź
  5. Many of the most expensive cars STEAL these days. Odpowiedź: are stolen Odpowiedź
  6. It SAY that Lilly is in love with Tomy. Odpowiedź: is said Odpowiedź
  7. Smoking NOT/ALLOW in churchs and hospitals. Odpowiedź: isn’t allowed

  8. Those photographs NOT/TAKE in Asia. Odpowiedź: weren’t taken
  9. My sister SEE in the cinema every Saturday. Odpowiedź: is seen Odpowiedź

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