Testy i Ćwiczenia – Strona Bierna (Passive Voice)

Passive forms of the verb in Present Continuous.

  1. My room PAINT at the moment. Odpowiedź: is being painted
  2. An important match between Poland and England PLAY now. Odpowiedź: is being played
  3. I have a feeling we FOLLOW by Alice.(are being followed Odpowiedź
  4. My phone USE by my brother at the moment. Odpowiedź: is being used Odpowiedź
  5. All my bras WASH now. Odpowiedź: are being washed Odpowiedź
  6. His whole apartment REDECORATE this month. Odpowiedź: is being redecorated Odpowiedź
  7. An exam PREPARE by my teacher. Odpowiedź: isn’t allowed

  8. Our project CORRECT by Professor Smith now.(is being corrected) Odpowiedź
  9. Supper JUST/SERVE so don’t leave now, OK? Odpowiedź: is just being served Odpowiedź

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