Testy i Ćwiczenia – Strona Bierna (Passive Voice)

Passive forms of the verb in Continuous Tenses.

  1. A lot of new cinemas BUILD in Paris now. Odpowiedź: are being builit
  2. The window LOCK when we arrived. Odpowiedź: was being locked
  3. I’m sure our home WATCH at the moment. Odpowiedź: is being watched
  4. The kids UNDRESS to sleep when Lilly arrived. Odpowiedź: were being undressed Odpowiedź
  5. My skirt MEND at the moment. Odpowiedź: is being mended Odpowiedź
  6. The cause of the accident INVESTIGATE for six weeks last year. Odpowiedź: was being investigated Odpowiedź
  7. French STUDY by more and more of my friends now. Odpowiedź: is being studied

  8. Her letter COPY when she entered the office. Odpowiedź: (was being copied
  9. The boat UNLOAD today. Odpowiedź: is being unloaded Odpowiedź

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