Ćwiczenie 1 – Zdania twierdzące

  1. Andrew ate dinner. Ann came over.
    Andrew (eat)___ dinner by the time Ann (come)___ over.
  2. I finished my homework. I went to bed.
    I (go)___ to bed after I (finish) my homework.
  3. The teacher (give)___ an exam by the time John (arrive)___ at school.
  4. Last night I started to make dinner at 5:30. At 6:00, My husband came home.
    By the time my husband (come)___ home, I (make)___ dinner already.
  5. Peter was late. By the time he (get)___ to the theater, the movie (start)___ already.
  6. Yesterday Maria fed the cat and then she went to work.
    Maria (go)___ to work after she (feed)___ the cat.
  7. We (play)___ cards for several hours after the children (go)___ to bed.
  8. When I (finish)____ dinner, I (watch)___ TV for a while
  9. I (walk, just)___ in the door when the phone (ring)___ .
  10. Bob (work)___ in several other states when he (decide)___ to move to California.

Ćwiczenie 2 – Zdania przeczące

  1. When they (get married)___ , Joe and Nancy (know only)___ each other for three months.
  2. Tom (have)___his car for only a short time when it (be stolen)___ .
  3. The grass (be)___ wet due to the rain that (fall)___ .
  4. Bill’s in big trouble. He (not pay)___ the previous month’s rent when he (move)___ out of his apartment.
  5. I (be)___ at home for several days when Bob (drop by)___ to see me.
  6. We (be)___ allowed to touch anything in the room before the police (take)___ photos
  7. She told me she (finish)____ it ages ago.
  8. Jane was mechanic. ___she (fix)___ many cars before she (become)___ a teacher ?
  9. Until last month, I (not try)_____ it before.
  10. No sooner (I, arrive)____ than I realised what was going on.

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