Ćwiczenie 1 – Zdania twierdzące

  1. The police (look)___ for the criminal for two years before they (catch)___him
  2. The patient (wait)___in the emergency room for almost an hour before a doctor finally (treat)___her
  3. He finally (come)___ at six o’clock. I (wait)___for him since four – thirty.
  4. When Judy(get)___ home, her hair (be)___ still wet because she (swim)___
  5. Her eyes (be)___ red because she (cry)___.
  6. Ken (give up)___ smoking two years ago. He (smoke)___ for 30 years.
  7. I (run)___for an hour when it (start)___ranining.
  8. When I (see)___ him I (know)___ that he (train).
  9. How long ___ the player (play)___before he (score)___?
  10. For how many hours ___ Fred (paint)___ the house when the ladder (fall)___?

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