Testy i Ćwiczenia – Past Simple i Present Perfect

Simple Past and Present Perfect

  1. I ____________________ in New York for ten years, and I still like this city. Odpowiedź: have lived Odpowiedź
    a) has lived
    b) have lived
    c) live
    d) lived

  2. I ______________to junior high school here, and now I am a full time teacher of math. Odpowiedź: went Odpowiedź
    a) has gone
    b) went
    c) go
    d) have gone
  3. Mike and John ______________ in this bar since 1997, and next year they plan to study geology. Odpowiedź: have worked Odpowiedź
    a) have worked
    b) worked
    c) work
    d) has worked
  4. I ____________ this morning at 7 o’clock. Odpowiedź: woke up Odpowiedź
    a) waken up
    b) woken up
    c) woke up
    d) have waken up
  5. Kate and Bill _____________ for almost 3 years. They are going to celebrate their anniversary in a restaurant. Odpowiedź: have been married Odpowiedź
    a) is married
    b) was married
    c) be married
    d) have been married
  6. Last night, I ______ this film for an hour, and now I don’t have time to go to Kate. Odpowiedź: watched Odpowiedź
    a) have watched
    b) has watched
    c) watches
    d) watched
  7. Ann ____________ my best friend for six years. We talk on the phone every night. Odpowiedź: isn’t there Odpowiedź
    a) is
    b) was
    c) were
    d) has been
  8. Cameron _____________ her first baby a year ago Odpowiedź: had Odpowiedź
    a) has had
    b) have
    c) has
    d) had
  9. My girlfriend and I ______________ London last winter. This year we want to go again. Odpowiedź: visited Odpowiedź
    a) has been there
    b) have visited
    c) visits
    d) visited

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