Testy i Ćwiczenia – czasowniki frazowe

Phrasal verbs

  1. She will ________ doing it until you tell her to stop. Odpowiedź: keep on

    a) keep on
    b) keep to
    c) keep in
  2. . ________ the double sharp.There is a sign! Odpowiedź: keep off

    a) keep out
    b) keep off
    c) keep on
  3. Always when I ________ on my life, I don’t regret small and single things. Odpowiedź: look back Odpowiedź
    a) look back
    b) look down
    c) look through
  4. My boyfriend and I had a big fight two days ago but we ________ almost immediately. Odpowiedź: made up Odpowiedź
    a) made up
    b) made on
    c) made in
  5. This is the time of year when stores ________ their prices, so this is obvious we can get good deals. Odpowiedź: mark down Odpowiedź
    a) mark down
    b) mark through
    c) mark on
  6. The other runners had a hard time ________ with Boby during the race. Odpowiedź: keeping up Odpowiedź
    a) keeping out
    b) keeping up
    c) keeping on
  7. If you’re telling somebody to ________, that is to mean that you’re telling them to relax. Odpowiedź: calm down

    a) calm out
    b) calm down
    c) calm in
  8. My boyfriend and I ________ last week. Odpowiedź: broke up Odpowiedź
    a) broke in
    b) broke through
    c) broke up
  9. Do you feel like playing football? Are you ________ some football? Odpowiedź: up for Odpowiedź
    a) up for
    b) up to
    c) up with

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