Keel over

– Turn upside down
– Surrender, give in
– Fall to the ground

Keep around

– Keep something near you

Keep at

– Continue with something difficult

Keep away

– Don’t allow someone near something

Keep back

– Maintain a safe distance

Keep down

– Not vomit

Keep from

– Control yourself, refrain

Keep in

– Not allow someone out

Keep off

– Not talk about
– Not tread on something

Keep on

– Continue

Keep out

– Not allow someone to enter

Keep to

– Stay within limits

Keep up

– Not let someone go to bed

Keep up at

– Continue, not quit

Keep up with

– Move at the same rate
– Stay up to date

Key in

– Enter numbers or information into a computer or electronic system

Kick about (around)

– Discuss

Kick around with

– Spend time with

Kick back

– Pay someone illegally as part of the price
– Resist

Kick down

– Break something with your feet

Kick in

– When a drug starts to take effect
– Break something with your feet

Kick off

– Start a game of football
– Die
– When trouble starts
– Argue, protest and refuse to co-operate

Kick out

– Expel

Kick up

– Cause trouble or pain

Knock about

– Beat someone

Knock down

– Demolish
– Hit and injure someone

Knock it off!

– Stop doing something annoying

Knock off

– Finish work for the day

Knock out

– Hit and make somebody unconscious
– Sell, distribute

Knock up

– Become or get someone pregnant.
– Play a bit before a match to get ready

Knuckle down

– Make a great effort

Knuckle under

– Submit to authority

Lap up

– Appreciate something

Large it up

– Have a good time when intoxicated

Lark about

– Behave in a silly way

Lark around

– Behave in a silly way

Lay down

– Establish rules or procedures
– Kill, murder

Lay into

– Criticise angrily

Lay off

– Make an employee redundant

Lay on

– Organise, supply

Lay out

– Spend money

Lead to

– Result in

Leak out

– Become public knowledge

Lean on

– Put pressure on someone to get them to do what you want

Leave on

– Not turn off

Leave out

– Not include

Let down

– Disappoint, fail to keep an arrangement
– Make clothes longer

Let in

– Allow someone to enter

Let off

– Not punish

Let on

– Tell a secret

Let out

– Allow to leave or go out
– Make a sound
– Make clothes bigger

Lie down

– Rest

Lie with

– Have the right to make a decision

Lift off

– Leave the ground- rocket or spaceship

Light up

– Light or start smoking a cigarette
– Illuminate

Lighten up

– Be less serious

Line up

– Arrange in a line
– Arrange something in a line
– Arrange events for someone

Listen out for

– Listen for a particular noise or sound

Live by

– Follow a belief system to guide your behaviour

Live down

– Stop being embarrassed about something

Live for

– Believe something is extremely important

Live in

– Live in the place where you work or study.

Live it up

– Have a good time by spending a lot of money

Live off

– Use money earned

Live on

– Use money for basic necessities
– Not be forgotten

Live out

– Stay somewhere until you die
– Fulfill an ambition or fantasy
– Not live at the place where you study or work

Live through

– Experience different times

Live together

– Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

Live up to

– Meet expectations or standards

Live with

– Accept something unpleasant
– Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

Load down

– Burden

Load up

– Take illegal drugs
– Fill a machine or vehicle

Load up on

– Consume a lot of something for a particular purpose

Lock up

– Close all doors, windows, etc.

Log in

– Enter a restricted area on a computer system

Log into

– Enter a restricted area of a computer system

Log off

– Exit a computer system

Log on

– Enter a computer system

Log out

– Exit a computer system

Look after

– Take care

Look back

– Think about the past

Look down on

– Have a low opinion of

Look for

– Try to find

Look forward to

– Wait for or anticipate something pleasant

Look in

– Make a quick visit

Look in on

– Visit briefly to see if everything’s all right

Look into

– Research, investigate

Look on

– Watch something like a crime without helping

Look on as

– Consider, regard

Look out

– Be careful

Look over

– Inspect

Look round

– Inspect a house

Look to

– Expect, hope

Look up

– Consult a reference work (dictionary, phonebook, etc.) for a specific piece of information.
– Improve
– Find, trace an old friend

Look up to

– Respect

Look upon as

– Consider, regard

Luck out

– Be very lucky

Make do with

– Accept something less satisfactory because there’s no alternative

Make for

– Head in a certain direction

Make into

– Change something into something else

Make it

– Arrive or get a result

Make it up to

– Try to compensate for doing something wrong

Make off with

– Steal

Make out

– Make a cheque payable to somebody
– Pretend
– Progress
– Kiss and pet

Make over

– Change appearance

Make up

– Stop being angry with someone
– Put on cosmetics
– Invent a story

Make up for

– Compensate

Make with

– Give (usually used as an imperative)

Mark down

– Give a student a lower grade for a particular reason
– Reduce the price of something

Mark down as

– Consider someone or something to be of a certain group, type, etc.

Mark off

– Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with

Mark out

– Draw lines to enclose an area

Mark out for

– Show promise for the future

Mark out from

– Stand out because of certain qualities

Mark up

– Increase the price of something

Marry in

– Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc

Marry out

– Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc

Mash up

– Crush something until it becomes a paste
– Mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources.
– Break or damage

Meet with

– Have something happen to you

Mess about

– Not be serious, not use something properly

Mess around

– Not be serious, play with something

Mill around

– Walk around without going anywhere

Mix up

– Confuse
– Make something lively

Monkey about (around)

– Not be serious

Mooch about (around)

– Spend time doing little or nothing

Mop up

– Resolve a problem
– Kill or capture the last few enemy soldiers after a victory.
– Eat a sauce with bread to finish it
– Remove a liquid that has been spilt

Mope about (around)

– Move around being miserable

Mount up

– Increase over time

Mouth off

– Speak angrily about something

Move on

– Change the subject or your job
– Make people move from a place

Mug up

– Study quickly, revise

Mug up on

– Study something quickly, revise

Mull over

– Think about an issue or problem

Muscle in

– Become involved in something when your involvement is not wanted

Muscle in on

– Become involved in something despite opposition to your involvement

Muscle into

– Become involved even though there is opposition to your involvement

Muscle out

– Use power, contacts, etc, to force someone out

Naff off

– Get lost, go away (used as imperative)

Nag at

– Repeatedly criticise someone verbally

Nail down

– Succeed in getting, achieve
– Understand fully
– Get full information from someone

Name after

– Give someone a name to remember another person

Nip off

– Go somewhere quickly

Nip out

– Go somewhere quickly

Nod off

– Fall asleep

Nose about (around)

– Look for something hidden or secret

Note down

– Write something short like a phone number for future reference.

Nut out

– Find an answer to a problem

Occur to

– Enter one’s mind

Open up

– Start to talk freely about something
– Open a shop or business for the day
– Allow goods into a market

Opt for

– Choose

Opt out

– Choose not to be part of something

Owe to

– Be the reason for something

Own up

– Confess

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