As alike as two peas in a pod – jak dwie krople wody
As bald as a baby’s backside – łysy jak pupa niemowlęcia
As bald as a coot – łysy jak pała
As big as an elephant – wielki jak słoń
As black as coal – czarny jak węgiel
As blind as a bat – ślepy jak ćma
As brave as a lion – dzielny jak lew
As bright as a button
As bright as a new pin
As bright as day
As bright as the sun
As busy as a beaver – pracowity jak mrówka
As busy as a bee – pracowity jak pszczołka
As busy as a cat on a hot tin roof
As calm as a millpond
As clear as a bell – jasne jak dzwon
As clean as a hound’s tooth
As clean as a whistle – czysty jak łza
As clear as crystal – jasne jak krzyształ
As clear as mud
As cold as ice – zimny jak lód
As common as dirt
As cool as a cucumber
As crazy as a loon
As cunning as a fox – sprytny jak lis
As cute as a button
As cute as a cup cake
As dead as a doornail
As dead as the dodo
As deaf as a post – głuchy jak pień
As delicate as a flower – delikatny jak kwiat
As dense as a brick – tępy jak but
As different as chalk from cheese
As drunk as a lord – pijany jak świnia
As dry as a bone – suchy jak patyk
As dry as dust – suchy jak patyk
As dull as dishwater
As easy as A.B.C. – łatwe jak raz dwa trzy
As easy as pie
As fat as a pig – gruby jak świnia
As fit as a fiddle – zdroawy jak ryba
As flat as a pancake
As free as a bird – wolny jak ptak
As fresh as a daisy – świeży jak stokrotka
As funny as a balloon
As gentle as a lamb – łagodny jak baranek

As good as gold
As happy as a clown
As happy as a lark – szczęsliwy jak skowronek
As happy as Larry
As happy as a rat with a gold tooth
As hard as nails
As high as a kite
As hoarse as a crow
As hot as hell – garący jak w piekle
As hungry as a bear
As hungry as a wolf – głodny jak wilk
As innocent as a lamb – niewinny jak owieczka
As keen as mustard
As large as life
As light as a feather – lekki jak piróko
As light as air
As likely as not
As lowly as a worm
As mad as a hatter
As mad as a hornet – wściekły jak osa
As mad as the march hare
As merry as a cricket
As modest as a maiden
As much use as a yard of pump water
As naked as a baby
As neat as a pin
As nutty as a fruitcake
As obstinate as a mule – uparty jak osioł
As old as the hills – stary jak świat
As pale as death – blady jak ściana
As patient as Job
As plain as day
As pleased as Punch
As poor as a church mouse – biedny jak mysz kościelna
As poor as dirt
As pretty as a picture
As proud as a peacock – dumny jak paw
As pure as snow – czysty jak łza
As pure as the driven snow
As quick as a wink
As quick as lightning – szybki jak błyskawica
As quick as silver
As right as rain
As round as a barrel – okrągły jak beczka
As round as a circle
As round as a sphere
As safe as houses – bezpieczny jak w banku
As scarce as hen’s teeth
As sensitive as a flower
As sharp as a needle – ostry jak brzytwa
As sharp as a razor – ostry jak brzytwa
As sick as a dog
As sick as a parrot
As silent as the dead
As silent as the grave – milczący jak grób
As silly as a goose
As slippery as an eel
As slow as molasses
As slow as a snail – wolny jak ślimak
As slow as a tortoise – wolny jak żółw
As slow as a wet weekend
As sly as a fox – cwany jak lis
As smooth as silk
As snug as a bug in a rug
As sober as a judge – trzeźwy jak świnia
As soft as a baby’s bottom – gładki jak pupcia niemowlęcia
As solid as a rock – twardy jak skała
As solid as the ground we stand on
As sound as a bell – zdrowy jak dzwon
As sour as vinegar
As steady as a rock
As sticky as jam
As stiff as a board
As still as death
As straight as an arrow – prosty jak strzała
As strong as an ox – silny jak wół
As stubborn as a mule -uparty jak osioł
As sturdy as an oak – twardy jak dąb
As sure as death and taxes
As sweet as honey
As tall as a giraffe – wysoki jak żyrafa
As tight as a drum
As thick as a brick – tępy jak but
As thin as a rake
As thin as a toothpick – chudy jak wykałaczka
As timid as a rabbit
As tough as leather
As tough as nails
As tough as old boots
As tricky as a box of monkeys
As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party
As white as a ghost – biały jak duch
As white as a sheet – blady jak prześcieradło
As white as snow – biały jak śnieg
As wise as Solomon
As wise as an owl – mądry jak sowa

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