Testy i Ćwiczenia – There is – There are

Używaj "there is" z rzeczownikami w liczbie pojedynczej, a "there are" z rzeczownikami w liczbie mnogiej

  • There many books on the shelf.
  • There furniture in this room.
  • There five skyscrapers in this city.
  • There birds in the cage.
  • There plenty of people here.
  • There a monkey sitting on the fence.
  • There a sofa and an armchair in the corner.
  • There a book and a pencil on the table.
  • There a pen and there some pencils on the desk.
  • there any milk in the fridge?
  • there many people living in this building?
  • there any room for me here?
  • there any cars in the parking lot?
  • There any grass here.
  • There any bananas left.
  • There sofas and TV’s sitting in the warehouse.
  • There some air in this water.
  • There many trees in this park.
  • There students in this classroom.
  • There many mushrooms in the basket.

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