Hello. Let us tell you about some of the programmes you can watch on Sky One this week.
The world’s changing weather is causing serious problems to people around the globe. This three-part series explores the most shocking natural disasters and talks to the people caught up in them. The first episode shows a British sailor who survived a hurricane. Other programmes show flooding and tornadoes.
In one of his funniest roles Alec Guinness plays the inventor of a suit that never gets dirty or damaged. Sounds great, but he soon faces opposition from both workers and management in the clothing industry because it will put them out of work and business. A lot of funny situations and jokes guaranteed.
The colder weather means less chance to play in the garden. So, have a look at Bob and Mo – the stars of a new animation for pre-school kids called The Green House. Each five-minute episode of the cartoon is narrated by the famous actor, Richard Briers.
In the final show of the series Jonathan Ross talks to the professional singer and comedian James Brown, who talks about his road to success and how it has changed his life. About 30 people have been invited to the studio to ask James questions about his career.
This is a weekly half-hour programme presented by John Bond. This week he invites chefs from the best London restaurants to a special edition of his show. Test your own skills against selected recipes from his guests.
A disturbing report on the increasing number of people in Britain who suffer from allergies. One of them is Sue whose problems are caused by allergies to food. She has to keep to a strict diet with the help of her mother who prepares special dishes. People suffering from other
allergies will get some advice as well.
Adapted from: The Number One Telly Magazine, 25 June-1 July 2005

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