Interviewer: We are talking to Miriam Gordon-Stewart, a soprano who has been a finalist in the Australian Singers Competition. Miriam, at what age did you ‚discover’ your talent for singing?
Miriam: I began when I was four and developed a love of performing with my local church and school choirs. It was hard to ignore the fact that I had a large voice and I was encouraged to take singing lessons. I did it when I was 14.
Interviewer: Have you always been interested in the classical style?
Miriam: Well, I was born in Perth, in the western part of Australia. I come from a musical family, with two older brothers who play the piano and jazz double bass. At university, I sang jazz, and even formed a trio, which was great fun. But I knew that my true love was classical
singing. That came naturally to me.

Interviewer: What has the Australian Singers Competition meant to you?
Miriam: The Australian Singers Competition Opera Awards is probably the most famous event in Australia, bringing together the country’s 6 or 7 best singers for its final. I didn’t win but I think it is an excellent way to become well-known in the classical music business.
Interviewer: Tell us something about your short stay in England.
Miriam: I had the opportunity to hear three concerts given by amazing singers. I gave two lunchtime recitals and sang at an evening concert at Overseas House. Also, I have been able to visit old friends and make new ones.

Interviewer: Will you be coming back for more?
Miriam: Most definitely. I also have links in Germany and would love to work in Europe or in the USA.
Interviewer: What will you miss most about being in England?
Miriam: The English spring. It’s very different to Australia – beautiful and full of joy. Also, I’m not quite sure why the English complain about transport. It’s been fine for me so far.
(adapted from Overseas, 2003)

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