2.1. News item one
One of the scientists of the Microsoft Education Group says that textbooks may be history. Computers will allow your grandchildren to ‚study anytime, anyplace’. Children will do homework just by talking to a wristwatch-size instrument that understands the human voice.
2.2. News item two
Scientists are inventing all sorts of things to make life easier. According to Professor Eric Smith, by 2050 a robot will clean a child’s room. His team has already designed robots that vacuum and mow. They wash carpets and polish furniture. You just sit and don’t have to do anything.
2.3. News item three
Our planet is rapidly losing wildlife and wild places. As people destroy precious forests, elephants, rhinos, and tigers disappear. Many smaller species are also in danger. G. Hemley of the World Wildlife Fund says there is still hope for many of them if special laws are introduced. If humans take action, many species can come back in the nearest future.
2.4. News item four
In a few years, video-game players will use the Internet to connect with other players around the world. But they won’t be playing on TV screens. Instead, life-size figures from the game will appear in the playroom as holograms, kind of 3-D pictures. Imagine fighting a life-size
dragon. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it??
2.5. News item five
The U.S. government predicts that in the future, more people will live to a 100 or more. Scientists will be able to replace body parts that don’t work well. There will be new medicines to prevent deadly infections like AIDS. We probably won’t look or feel very old. Cynthia Kenyon, a scientist who studies ageing, believes it will be possible for people to live twice as long and still look and feel half their age.
(adapted from Time for Kids and Weekly Reader, 2000)

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