Can you imagine what it is like when a disaster comes? Well, I can tell you because I have just been through one. I hope the worst is already over. But, let me start from the beginning. My mum did not want me to come home from College one weekend. But as usual, I did not listen to her. As a freshman I felt really homesick so I wanted to come home and spend time with my family. What I didn’t know was that there might be a massive hurricane moving towards us. On Sunday morning, I woke up early and heard my mum screaming hysterically. We sat down for a "family talk" and my father told us to collect only what was most important for us. It was one of the most difficult decisions in my life. I couldn’t decide what to take and what to leave in John’s underground garage. John is a friend living next door. So, we took our most valuable things and went on our way. We tried to get to Baton Rouge where some friends of the family have a house. All the way my cat Minnie, who normally does not like anybody at all, was lying on my lap. She was so frightened… And it was really amazing – all our animals travelling together in the van were so friendly to one another while normally they fight and need to be separated. What worries me is that now, when all of this is over, my family and I are going our own ways again. My family is going back home to see if our house is still standing and I’ll be at college hoping everything is okay. I am hearing stories about houses which were completely destroyed or collapsed during the hurricane. I am scared
and I keep asking myself "Will I ever have a home?"
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