Journalist: Today I am talking to Alister McCrone, director of the Mull Theatre in Scotland.
What made you return to Mull?
McCrone: It’s a wonderful place to work and to live. I’ve worked in theatre for the last
15 years – all over Scotland, all over Britain, and abroad as well.
Journalist: Were you disappointed when you lost the title of the world’s smallest theatre?
McCrone: Absolutely not – I was delighted. In fact, the word ‚little’ has now disappeared
from the title of the company. The building is still the Mull Little Theatre,
but the company is now called the Mull Theatre.
Journalist: Have you had much support from people on the island?
McCrone: Yes. It’s great to see people satisfied with what the theatre is doing. I’m happy
to see more and more local people coming here.
Journalist: But will you always have to depend on tourism?
McCrone: Well, during the summer there’s no doubt most of our audience are visitors.
But our programme is not just for them. Proportionally we get a higher percentage
of local people coming here to see our plays than in many big city theatres.
Journalist: What is the future of your theatre?
McCrone: We’re definitely looking to put the theatre into a bigger building because there’s
not enough space here. We’re looking for a new location because the one we have
is not suitable for what the company is trying to do. And people are coming here
and talking about this theatre not because it’s the smallest theatre in Britain or the
world, but because it’s a quality theatre – because it’s good.
adapted from Spotlight

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