My friend and I were wandering about in Tesco’s and I was pretending to be French. I went up to an old lady and asked her in my terrible French accent where I could find the chocolate, but to my horror she started answering in French! Trust me to choose the only French person
in the whole shop! Eventually we had to say we didn’t know what she was saying and she started to shout at us in front of everyone! How embarrassing!
One weekend we went to play golf. I was trying so hard to impress a cute boy on the course that I wasn’t looking at what I was doing and hit mum in the eye with a golf club! Straight away it went black and blue and mum had to go to hospital. And she was going for an important interview the next day! I felt awful!

My friend and I were hanging out with a new boy who had moved in across the road from me. At lunchtime my mum came to the door to ask how many slices of toast we wanted. My mate said she’d have one, but before I had the chance to answer, mum asked me, ‚Do you want your usual four?’ It was horrible!
Me and my friend went for some chips and the lady asked me if I wanted a one pound portion. Instead of asking how big it was I said, ‚How much is that?’. The lady looked at me strangely and said, ‚One pound’. I ran out of the shop with a huge red face!
When my friend came over to stay we couldn’t get to sleep because of music playing loudly downstairs. We went to see what all the noise was and found my mum singing and dancing along to Whitney Houston very badly! It was so embarrassing!

adapted from Shout

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