Dialogue one
Speaker one: Am I OK for Leicester Square?
Speaker two: No, you’ll have to jump out at the park and get a 12 there.
Speaker one: Could you tell me when we get there?
Speaker two: It’s quite a way yet, but I’ll tell you in good time. Pay the fare and take a seat,
Speaker one: How much is that?
Dialogue two
Speaker one: Ah, yes, you’re Brian Preston?
Speaker two: That’s right.
Speaker one: You’ve brought some clothes and things with you, I see.
Speaker two: Yes, I think I’ll probably be here for a few days at least, until all the tests are
Speaker one: I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a moment as your bed is not ready yet. The last
patient only left an hour ago.
Speaker two: That’s OK. I don’t mind.
Dialogue three
Speaker one: Are we getting off at the next station?
Speaker two: No, two stops to go.
Speaker one: Then we’ve got some time to go to the buffet car. I could do with a cup of
Speaker two: OK.
Speaker one: Do you know where it is?
Speaker two: I guess somewhere at the back.
Speaker one: Let’s ask the ticket collector.
Dialogue four
Speaker one: What’s the trouble?
Speaker two: I was sick most of the night. I think it’s something I ate. We ate at that new
restaurant last night.
Speaker one: Was it that new restaurant in Birch Street?
Speaker two: As a matter of fact it was. Why do you ask?
Speaker one: Because, one of my patients ate there last week and he had the same kind of
Speaker two: Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Anyway, what shall I take?
Speaker one: For the time being just drink plenty of water and if you don’t get any better
tomorrow you’ll have to undergo some tests in hospital.

Dialogue five
Speaker one: If you’d like to follow me, I’ll show you your room.
Speaker two: That’s lovely, thank you.
Speaker one: The bathroom is just up here, right next to your room and there is a telephone
beside your bed. How long will you be staying with us?
Speaker two: Until Monday.
Speaker one: Fine. I’ll bring you the registration form to fill in.
adapted from: BBC Essential English Guide to Britain, Talking English by Dean Curry, Situational Dialogues by Michael Ockenden

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