My family are travellers. We have a van and a caravan and we drive around from place to place, usually with about a dozen other people. We think the world’s too big to stay in just one place. We’ve lived all over. Sometimes we camp and stay for a few days, other times we might stay a couple of months. It depends how friendly the area and the people are. A lot of towns have special sites set up for travellers, with proper toilets and showers, but other places make it quite difficult to camp. We’ve had people shouting at us, throwing stones, or breaking our things… They call us gypsies or robbers, but we’re not – we just like to travel. If we’re going to be in one place for a while, I go to the local school. That can be really tough. The kids, when I walk past, hold on to their bags. I think they’re scared I’m going to steal from them. It’s impossible to make friends. I’m never around for long enough, and even if I was, nobody would speak to me. We enjoy moving around, seeing different parts of the country, and I think it’s great being able to choose a nice spot and to set up there, and we’ve even gone across to France. If we stop in a place that turns out to be horrible, we just move on, whereas some people have to stay in those towns forever. However, I miss belonging somewhere. I mean I belong with my family and with the other travellers, but sometimes, that isn’t enough… I want to belong with a group of friends, with girls my own age. I don’t know if that will ever happen…
adapted from: Shout, No. 247

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