…and finally, here’s an announcement for those of you who will be answering questions about Charnwood camp. As you probably know, 3,000 people will be coming to our international scout camp. You will have to contact groups who register on our website. And next week you will be holding meetings for parents and guardians. So here are the main points once again. First of all, the equipment. If groups want to bring their own camping equipment, that is fine. If they are coming from further away and can’t carry much, then we can provide whatever they need, but remember we must be informed at least a month before the camp. You can imagine that with so many campers, it may sometimes take time to track everything down! Secondly, there are two catering options. If groups wish to cater for themselves, we can supply cooking equipment. We can also hook them up with a local group with whom they can share cooking. They don’t have to worry about carrying their own food, either. We’ll have a provisions service on camp that will supply everything the scouts may need. The additional cost of having equipment and food provided will be L50 per person. As for camp activities, we are anticipating numerous on-site events including bonfires and disco nights. Campers can also take part in sightseeing trips to nearby tourist attractions. The cost of all activities is published on our website.
Adapted from: www.charnwood.org

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