Testy i Ćwiczenia – Strona Bierna (Passive Voice)

Passive forms of the verb in Past Continuous.

  1. Tom LAUGH at when he slipped on a banana peel. Odpowiedź: was being laughed
  2. The dishes CLEAR away while I was reading book in my room. Odpowiedź: were being cleared
  3. The plan DISCUSS all Friday. Odpowiedź: was being discussed
  4. Candidates INTERVIEW while I was talking with Billy. Odpowiedź: were being interviewed Odpowiedź
  5. Amber OPERATE on at 6 in the morning today. Odpowiedź: was being operated Odpowiedź
  6. The drinks STILL/SERVE at 12 in the bar that night. Odpowiedź: were still being served Odpowiedź
  7. When I arrived, the dinner EAT . Odpowiedź: was being eaten

  8. Eve’s dog FEED when I came to her place. Odpowiedź: was being fed
  9. Three young men BEAT by some men when I called the police. Odpowiedź: were being beaten Odpowiedź

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