Call after

– Name someone after somebody else

Call back

– Return a phonecall

Call for

– Demand
– Go to collect something
– Telephone for something
– Go and collect someone to take them out
– Require

Call forth

– Make something happen

Call in

– Get someone to come and do a job
– Stop and visit

Call off

– Cancel
– Order someone to stop attacking

Call on

– Ask for help
– Visit
– Challenge
– Ask someone to do something, especially to speak in public. (Formal)

Call up

– Summon someone for military service
– Telephone

Calm down

– Stop being angry or emotionally excited

Cancel out

– Have an opposite effect on something that has happened, taking things back to the beginning

Care for

– Like

Carried away

– Get so emotional that you lose control

Carry forward

– Include a figure in a later calculation
– Make something progress

Carry offf

– Win, succeed
– Die of a disease

Carry on

– Continue

Carry on with

– Have an affair

Carry out

– Perform a task
– Food bought from a restaurant to take away

Carry over

– Continue past a certain point

Carry through

– Complete successfully

Cart off

– Take someone away, usually under arrest or to prison
– Take something away, especially if stealling or without permission

Cash in

– Convert shares, bonds, casino chips, etc, into money

Cash in on

– Benefit or make money on something, especially if done unfairly

Cash out

– Illegally access a bank account or credit card and steal money

Cash up

– Count all the money taken in a shop or business at the end of the day

Catch on

– Become popular
– Finally understand what is going on

Catch up

– Get work, etc, up to date.

Cater for

– To provide what is necessary

Cater to

– To provide what is needed, often seen negatively

Cave in

– Collapse
– Stop resisting or refusing

Chalk out

– To cut a line of cocaine

Chalk up

– To achieve something good

Chalk up to

– Explain the reason for a problem

Chance upon

– Find something by accident

Change over

– Change a system

Charge up

– Put electricty into a battery

Charge with

– Accuse somebody of a crime

Chase up

– Ensure that someone remembers to do something

Chat up

– Talk to someone you are sexually interested in to get them interested in you

Cheat on

– Be sexually unfaithful

Cheat out of

– Get money from someone under false pretences

Check by

– Visit a place to check something

Check in

– Register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport

Check into

– Register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport

Check off

– Mark something on a list as done

Check out

– Pay the bill when leaving a hotel
– Die

Check out of

– Settle up and pay before leaving a hotel

Check over

– Check something very carefully

Cheer on

– Encourage

Cheer up

– Be less unhappy

Chew on

– Thinks about something carefully before deciding

Chew out

– Criticize someone angrily

Chew over

– Think about an issue

Chew up

– Cut into small pieces with your teeth
– Damage something inside a machine

Chicken out

– Be too afraid to do something

Chill out

– Relax

Chime in

– Contribute to a discussion

Chip away at

– Gradually reduce something to make it less powerful, effective, etc

Chip in

– Contribute some money
– Contribute to a discussion

Chop down

– Fell or cut down a tree

Chop up

– Cut into small pieces

Chuck up

– Vomit, be sick

Churn out

– Produce, usually quickly or in large amounts without much regard to quality

Clag up

– Make something sticky

Clam up

– Be quiet, refure to speak

Clamp down on

– Restrict or try to stop something

Claw back

– Get money back
– Retake possession with difficulty

Clean out

– Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted things.
– Cause someone to spend all their money

Clean up

– Tidy and clean

Clear out

– Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted stuff.

Clear up

– Cure or recover from an infection
– Tidy up

Click through

– Open an advertisement on the Internet

Climb down

– Accept that you are wrong and change your position

Clog up

– Block, slow movement right down

Close down

– Close a shop, branch or business permanently

Cloud over

– Get very cloudy

Clown about

– Behave stupidly or waste time

Clown around

– Behave stupidly or waste time

Cock up

– Ruin or spoil something

Colour (Color) up

– Blush

Come about

– Happen, occur

Come across

– Find by accident
– Agree to have sex with someone
– The way other people see you

Come apart

– Break into pieces

Come before

– Appear in court charged with a crime or offence

Come by

– Visit
– Acquire

Come down

– Rain
– Travel

Come down on

– Criticise heavily

Come down with

– Fall ill

Come forth

– Appear

Come forth with

– Provide information

Come from

– Country or town where you were born

Come in

– Arrive for flights
– Place or ranking in a competition, etc.<
– Receive news

Come into

– Be important or relevant
– Inherit

Come into use

– Start being used

Come off

– When something breaks off
– Be successful

Come off it

– I don’t believe what you’re saying; used as an imperative

Come on

– Encouragement
– Start an illness
– Start functioninng (machines, etc)

Come out

– A secret is revealed
– Be published or otherwise available to the public
– Disappear when washed
– Let people know that you are lesbian or gay
– When the sun appears

Come out in

– Have a rash or similar skin problem

Come over

– Feel strange

Come round

– Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
– Change your opinion

Come through

– Arrive (messages and information)
– Communicate an emotion
– Produce a result

Come through with

– Provide something needed

Come to

– Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
– Result in

Come up

– Appearr
– Rise (the sun)

Come up against

– Encounter problems or difficulties

Come up with

– Think of a solution, excuse, etc.

Come upon

– Find by chance

Conjure up

– Create a picture or memory in someone’s mind
– Create something without many resources

Conk out

– Fall fast asleep
– Suddenly breakdown or stop working

Cool down

– Get cooler
– Become calm

Cop it

– Get into trouble

Cop off

– Leave work or school early
– Kiss, pet or have sex with someone

Cop out

– Choose an easy alternative

Cotton on

– To work out the truth

Could do with

– Need or want something

Count in

– Include or involve

Count on

– Depend, rely

Count out

– Exclude

Count up

– Add

Cozy up

– Make yourself comfortable

Cozy up to

– Make yourself popular with someone

Crack down on

– Use more authority than usual

Crack on

– Continue doing something with energy

Crack up

– Have a nervous breakdown
– Have bad reception on a mobile phone
– Burst out laughing
– Damage a car bbadly

Crank out

– Produce a lot of something fast

Crank up

– Inject non-medical drugs
– Start a machine, originally with a handlle
– Increase, make something bigger

Crash out

– Sleep at someone’s house because you are too tired, drunk, etc. to leave
– Fall asleep

Creep out on

— To do the same activity for a very long time

Crop up

– Appear unexpectedly

Cross off

– Delete, remove from a list

Cross out

– Put as line through some writing to show it is wrong

Cry off

– To cancel an arrangement

Cry out

– Shout because you are in pain

Cut back

– Reduce

Cut back on

– Reduce expenditure

Cut down

– Consume less
– Shoot

Cut down on

– Reduce

Cut it out

– Stop your unfair or unreasonable behaviour

Cut off

– Disconnect
– Isolate or make inaccessible

Cut out

– Exclude
– When an engine or motor stops
– Cut a picture or similar from a magazine, etc

Cut out on

– Let down, snub

Dash off

– Leave somewhere quickly
– Do something quickly, especially writing

Dawn on

– Finally realise or understand something

Die away

– Become quieter or inaudible (of a sound)

Die down

– Decrease or become quieter

Die for

– Want something a lot

Die off

– Become extinct

Die out

– Become extinct or disappear

Dig in

– Start eating greedily

Dig into

– Reach inside to get something

Dig up

– Find something that is supposed to be secret

Dine out

– Have dinner outside your home

Dine out on

– Tell a story repeatedly that is well received

Dip in

– Put something in a liquid for a short time

Dip into

– Read parts of a book, but not all
– Take money out of your savings

Disagree with

– Make someone feel sick or ill

Dish out

– Serve food
– Give something, usually when you shouldn’t
– Criticise, when you can’t take criticism in return

Dish up

– Serve food

Dive in

– Start doing something, usually without planning
– Start eating

Dive into

– Reach inside something quickly

Divvy out

– Divide, share

Divvy up

– Divide, share

Do away with

– Abolish, get rid of

Do out of

– Cheat somebody out of something that is rightfully theirs

Do up

– Close or fasten clothes, etc.
– Repair and renovate

Do without

– Manage without something

Doze off

– Fall asleep

Drag on

– Be unnecessarily long

Draw back

– Retreat, move backwards

Draw down

– Reduce levels
– Get funding
– To deplete by consumption or heavy spending

Draw in

– Get dark earlier
– Arrive at a station (for trains)

Draw into

– Get involved in something unpleasant

Draw on

– Pass slowly (time)
– Inhale smoke from a cigerette, cigar, etc

Draw out

– Make something continue longer than needed
– Make a shy person more outgoing

Draw up

– Prepare a contract
– When a vehicle stops

Dream of

– Not think or consider

Dream up

– Invent something, have an idea

Dredge up

– Discover things about someone’s past

Dress down

– Dress casually
– Scold

Dress up

– Dress very smartly

Drill down through

– Get to the bottom of something, get detailed data

Drill into

– Repeat something many times to make someone learn it

Drink up

– Finish a drink

Drive away

– Force an animal or someone to leave a place

Drive back

– Repulse, force back

Drive by

– Do domething out of a car

Drive off

– Drive away from a place

Drive out

– Force someone to leave a place

Drive up

– Make something increase

Drone on

– Talk boringly for a long time

Drop by

– Pay a brief visit

Drop in

– Visit without having made arrangements

Drop out

– Quit a course

Drum into

– To make someone learn or believe something by constant repetition

Drum out

– Force someone out of their job or position

Drum up

– Increase support or interest

Duck out of

– Avoid doing something

Duff up

– Beat or hit someone repeatedly

Dumb down

– Reduce the intellectual level of something in search of popularity

Dwell on

– Spend a lot of time on something

Dwell upon

– Spend a lot of time on something

Ease off

– Reduce pressure

Ease up

– Relax, calm down

Eat away

– Destroy slowly

Eat in

– Eat at home

Eat into

– Use something valuable when you don’t want to

Eat out

– Eat in a restaurant

Eat up

– Eat all of something
– Consume
– Consume something you don’t want to be consumed

Ebb away

– Disappear gradually

Edge out

– Gradually push someone or something out of their position

Edge up

– Approach slowly

Egg on

– Encourage

Eke out

– Make something like money last as long as possible

Embark on

– Start a project or venture

Embark upon

– Start a project or venture

Empty out

– Empty something completely
– Remove some things or everything from a container

End in

– Finish a certain way

End up

– Become or do something unplanned

End up with

– Get as a result of something

Enter for

– Join or enter a competition

Enter into

– Become involved in or accept

Eye up

– Look carefully at someone

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