Pack away

– Put something where it belongs

Pack in

– Stop doing something
– End a relationship
– Fill a venue
– Break down, stop working

Pack it in

– Stop doing something (used as an imperative)

Pack off

– Send someone away

Pack out

– Fill a venue

Pack up

– Stop doing something
– Finish work
– Break down, stop working
– Collect things and put them where you keeep them

Palm off

– Get someone to accept something that isn’t true
– Pretent something is better than it is iin order to sell it

Pan out

– The way a situation develops

Paper over

– Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it

Pass around

– Give out to everybody there

Pass as

– Be believed to be something

Pass away

– Die

Pass by

– Go past without stopping
– Visit briefly
– Miss an opportunity

Pass for

– Be accepted as something, usually when not

Pass off

– Convince something that something is real
– Happen in a certain way

Pass on

– Give a message to someone
– Decline an invitation or opportunity
– Die

Pass out

– Faint, lose consciousness

Pass over

– Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior

Pass through

– Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly

Pass to

– Give ownership or responsibility to someone

Pass up

– Decline a chance

Patch up

– Fix or make things better

Pay back

– Repay money borrowed
– Take revenge on

Pay for

– Purchase

Pay into

– Deposit money

Pay off

– Completely repay a debt
– Produce a profitable or successful result

Peck at

– Eat very small amounts

Peg away

– Keep working at something

Peg down

– Fasten something to the ground

Peg it

– Die

Peg out

– Put washing outside to dry
– Die

Pencil in

– Make a provisional appointment

Perk up

– Feel better or happier, make someone feel better or happier

Peter out

– Lose impetus and stop

Phase in

– Introduce gradually

Phase out

– Remove gradually

Pick at

– Eat unwillingly

Pick off

– Target individuals to change a group

Pick out

– Choose
– Identify from a picture

Pick up

– Improve
– Learn quickly

Pig off

– Used to tell someone to get lost or leave you alone

Pig out

– Eat a lot

Pile up

– Accumulate

Pin down

– Get a fixed idea, opinion, etc, from someone.

Pine away

– Suffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc

Pipe down

– Be quiet (often as an imperative)

Pipe up

– To speak, raise your voice

Pitch in

– Work together to help achieve an objective

Play along

– Pretend to agree or accept something in order to keep someone happy or to get more information

Play around

– Be silly

Play at

– Pretend to be something

Play away

– Be sexually unfaithful when away from home

Play back

– Listen to or watch something you’ve recorded

Play down

– Try to make something seem less important

Play off

– Play a game to decide who the winner is
– Make people compete against each other so that you benefit

Play on

– Continue playing a sport though there might be a reason to stop
– Continue playing music
– Exploit a weakness
– Pun

Play out

– Progress, often till it finishes
– Pretend that something is real and reduce its effect
– Play something to the end

Play up

– Behave badly

Play up to

– Flatter someone

Play upon

– Exploit a weakness

Play with

– Touch and move something to occupy your hands
– Not eat much of a meal
– Consider something, but not seriously

Plead out

– Plead guilty to get a reduced sentence or fine

Plug in

– Connect machines to the electricity supply

Plump for

– Choose

Point out

– Make someone aware of something

Polish off

– Finish, consume

Polish up

– Improve something quickly

Pop in

– Visit for a short time

Pop off

– Talk loudly, complain
– Go out for a short time

Pop out

– Go out for a short time

Pop up

– Appear, like windows and boxes opening on a computer screen.
– Appear unexpectedly

Potter about (around)

– Spend time doing little things for pleasure

Pour down

– Rain hard

Pour forth

– Emerge from a place in large numbers

Prattle on

– Talk too much

Press ahead

– Continue with something

Press on

– Continue with something

Price up

– Charge more for something

Print out

– Make a hard copy of a computer document

Prop up

– Support something, both physically and financially, politically, etc.

Psych out

– Work out or anticipate someone’s intentions
– Make someone less confident

Psych up

– Prepare someone mentally

Pull ahead

– Overtake, move in front

Pull apart

– Destroy an argument, theory, etc
– Stop people or animals fighting
– Make someone unhappy or upset

Pull away

– When a vehicle moves from a place

Pull down

– Demolish

Pull in

– When a train arrives at a station
– Attract
– Stop a car by the side off the road

Pull off

– Manage to do something difficult or tricky

Pull on

– Put clothes on

Pull over

– Stop by the side of the road

Pull up

– Slow and stop a car
– Inform someone that they are wrong

Push in

– Get in a queue without waiting

Put away

– Put something back in the correct place
– Put someone in prison

Put back

– Rearrange something for a later time

Put by

– Save for the future

Put down

– Kill an animal because it’s old, ill, etc.

Put in

– Install

Put in for

– Make a request

Put off

– Postpone
– Stop liking something or somebody

Put on

– Get fat

Put out

– Broadcast
– Disturb or trouble someone
– Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.

Put through

– Connect someone by phone

Put towards

– Make a financial contribution

Put up

– Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days.
– Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.

Put up with

– Tolerate

Quieten down

– Fall silent

Rack up

– Acquire a lot of something

Rain down on

– Fall in large numbers

Rake it in

– Make a lot of money

Rake up

– Bring something back to people’s attention

Ramp up

– Increase price, speed or power of something

Rat on

– Inform authorities about someone’s wrongdoings
– Fail to keep a promise

Rat through

– Look for something hurriedly

Rat out

Ratchet up

– Increase

Rattle off

– Quote figures rapidly

Read off

– Read a list aloud for someone to write down

Read out

– Read aloud rather than silently

Read up on

– Research

Reckon on

– The minimum expected

Reel in

– Catch a fish on a line and pull the line to land
– Attract people, especially customers, to get them to do what you want them to

Reel off

– Quote statistics or facts rapidly
– Score a lot of points or win a lot of games one after the other

Reel out

– Unwind

Rein in

– Control someone or comething to stop them causing more trouble

Ring back

– Return a phonecall

Ring off

– Finish a phone conversation

Ring up

– Telephone

Rip off

– Charge excessively or obtain money unfairly

Roll back

– Retreat
– Reduce or remove

Roll in

– Arrive somewhere, especially if late
– Arrive in large numbers, for military vehicles

Roll on

– When something continues to happen

Roll on!

– Said when you can’t wait for something nice in the future

Roll out

– Launch or introduce a new product, initiative, etc.

Roll up

– To appear in large numbers for an event

Roll up!

– An imperative used to attract people to a public event

Romp in

– Win easily

Romp through

– Do something easily or quickly

Room in

– To keep a mother and baby together after the birth

Root around

– Look in place to try to find something

Root for

– Support

Root out

– Look for and find

Root up

– Dig a plant out of the ground

Rope in

– Get somebody to help

Rough up

– Assault

Round off

– Finish something in a satisfactory manner

Row back

– Retreat from a position

Rub it in

– Emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse

Rule out

– Exclude a possibility

Run across

– Meet or find accidentally

Run away

– Escape from people chasing you

Run down

– Hit a pedestrian with a vehicle
– Lose energy or power

Run for

– Campaign for a position

Run into

– Cost
– Meet by accident

Run off

– Make photocopies

Run on

– Be powered by

Run out of

– Have none left

Run over

– Explain quickly
– Hit with a vehicle

Run through

– Practise a dramatic work like a play quickly
– Stab or wound deeply with a knife, sword, etc.

Rush into

– Do something too quickly

Sag off

– Not go to school or work, or leave early when you shouldn’t

Sail into

– Criticise angrily

Sail through

– Pass easily, succeed

Sally forth

– Leave somewhere safe or comfortable

Sally out

– Leave somewhere safe or comfortable

Salt away

– Save money

Save on

– Reduce or avoid consumption to cut costs

Save up

– For money for a particular purpose
– Collect or store something for future use

Scare away

– Frighten someone some much that they go away

Scare off

– Make someone so frightened that he or she away

Scrape along

– Manage with little money

Scrape by

– Just manage to pass something

Scrape in

– Just get enough to succeed, pass or be accepted

Scrape into

– Be accepted somewhere, but only just

Scrape through

– Pass a test but only just

Scrape together

– Manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money

Scrape up

– Manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money

Screw around

– Waste time

Screw up

– Do badly or fail

See into

– Accompany someone into an office

See off

– Chase somebody or something away
– Go to the airport, station, etc., to say goodbye to someone

See out

– Accompany a guest to your front door when they are leaving your house

See through

– Continue with something to the end
– Realise someone is lying or being deceitful

See to

– Deal with something

Sell off

– Sell a business or part of it
– Sell something cheaply because you need the money or don’t need it

Sell on

– Convince someone
– Buy something then sell it to someone else

Sell out

– Have no more of something left because it has been bought
– Lose all artistic integrity in return for commercial success

Sell up

– Sell a house or business to move somewhere or do something different

Send back

– Return something

Send for

– Ask someone to come and help

Send in

– Order people into a place to handle a problem
– Write to get information

Send off

– Expel a sports player from a match
– Post a letter

Send off for

– Order something by post

Send out

– Send something to a lot of people

Send out for

– Order takeaway food by phone

Set about

– Start doing something

Set aside

– Overturn a court verdict or decision

Set back

– Cost

Set forth

– State or outline an opinion
– Start a journey

Set in

– Change season noticeably

Set off

– Explode a bomb
– Ring an alarm
– Start a journey
– Counterbalance a debt

Set out

– Display, show
– Start a journey

Set up

– Prepare equipment, software, etc., for use
– Start a company

Settle down

– Start living a fixed and routine life

Settle for

– Accept whatever is available

Settle in

– Get used to

Settle on

– Agree

Settle up

– Pay a debt

Sex up

– Change information to make it more attractive to the reader or listener

Shack up

– Live with someone when you are in a relationship.
– Live somewhere temporarily

Shake down

– Search
– Extort or cheat money from someone

Shake off

– Get rid of an illness

Shell out

– Spend money on something, especially when you think it’s too expensive

Shoot back

– Return quickly

Shoot off

– Leave promptly and quickly

Shoot out

– Go out for a short time

Shoot up

– Increase quickly

Shop around

– Look around for the best price, quality, etc.

Show around

– Take someone to a place to show them certain parts

Show in

– Take someone into an office or other room

Show off

– Behave in a way so as to attract attention
– Display something you are proud of
– Make the qualities of another thing more apparent

Show out

– Take someone to out of a room or building

Show over

– Take someone around a site

Show round

– Take someone to a place to show them certain parts

Show through

– When a feeling can be seen despite attempts to conceal it

Show up

– Attend something or arrive somewhere
– Become clear or apparent
– Make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed

Shut away

– Imprison or remove someone’s freedom

Shut down

– Close a business, shop, etc.
– Turn a computer off

Shut in

– Prevent someone from leaving

Shut off

– Close, prevent access

Shut out

– Exclude

Shut out of

– Exclude someone from an activity, etc

Shut up

– Stop talking or making noise
– Close for a period of time

Shut yourself away

– Withdraw from company

Shy away from

– Avoid doing something because you lack confidence

Side with

– Support someone

Sift through

– Examine a lot of things carefully

Sign away

– Give away legal or property rights

Sign for

– Write a signature on behalf on someone

Sign in

– Register in a hotel
– Open a computer program that requires a name and password
– Write your name when entering a place

Sign into

– Open a particular computer program that requires a name and password

Sign off

– End a message
– Close a claim for unemployment benefit
– Stop doing something to leave
– Give someone a letter to be away from work

Sign on

– Open a claim for unemployment benefit
– Agree to participate
– Start broadcasting
– Employ

Sign on with

– Sign a document joining or agreeing to something

Sign out

– Close a computer program that requires a name and password
– Sign something to show you have borrowed something

Sign out of

– Close a particular computer program that requires a name and password

Sign up

– Give your name to do something
– Subscribe

Sign with

– Make a contract with

Sink in

– Slowly come to be understood

Sit about

– Sit and do nothing, especially when you should be working

Sit around

– Sit idly, doing nothing

Sit back

– Wait for something to happen without making any effort
– Relax in a chair

Sit by

– Not try to stop something

Sit down

– Help someone to sit

Sit for

– Pose for an artist or photographer
– Look after children while their parents are out

Sit in

– Occupy a building to protest about something

Sit in for

– Take on someone’s responsibilities while they are absent

Sit in on

– Attend as an observer

Sit on

– Be on a committee
– To handle somebody firmly who behaves impertinently, conceitedly
– Hold information back or keep it secret

Sit out

– Not take part

Sit over

– Eat or drink slowly

Sit through

– Stay till the end of something dull

Sit with

– Reconcile different positions

Size up

– Assess a situation or person carefully.
– Make something bigger or produce bigger products

Skive off

– Avoid doing work or other duty

Slag off

– Criticise heavily

Sleep off

– Sleep in order to recover from excess alcohol, drugs, etc.

Sleep on

– Think about something

Sleep over

– Spend the night at someone else’s house

Sleep through

– Not wake up

Slip out

– Leave discreetly

Slip up

– Make an error

Slope off

– Leave somewhere without letting others know

Slow down

– Reduced speed

Slow up

– Slow the progress of something

Smack of

– Appear to have a negative quality

Smash down

– Demolish or break something down

Smash in

– Break something by hitting it repeatedly

Smash up

– Destroy, break into many pieces

Snap off

– Break a piece off something

Snap up

– Get, acquire or buy something quickly

Sniff around

– Look around to see how good something is or to try to find something better

Sniff at

– Disapprove or be scornful

Sniff out

– Find something be smell (usually for dogs)
– Find out information, especially when people don’t want anyone to know

Sober up

– Stop showing the effects of alcohol or drugs

Soldier on

– Continue even when things get difficult

Sort out

– Resolve a problem

Sound off

– To express your opinions forcefully

Sound out

– Check what someone thinks about an issue, idea, etc.

Spark off

– Cause something, usually unpleasant, to happen

Spark up

– Light a cigarette or joint

Speak out

– Talk openly and freely

Speak up

– Talk more loudly

Spell out

– Explain something in great detail

Spit it out

– An informal way of telling someone to say something they are unwilling to say

Spit out

– Say something angrily

Split up

– Divide into groups
– Finish a relationship

Spur on

– Encourage someone to continue

Squeeze up

– Get more people into a space than normal or comfortable

Stamp out

– Get rid of something

Stand about (around)

– Spend time in a place waiting or doing nothing or very little

Stand aside

– Leave a position so that someone else can take it

Stand back

– Keep a distance from something
– Try to understand something by taking a different perspective

Stand by

– Support someone
– Be ready and waiting for something to happen

Stand down

– Leave a job or position so that someone else can take it
– Finish being asked questions in a court

Stand for

– Accept or tolerate behaviour
– The words represented by certain initials

Stand in for

– Substitute someone temporarily

Stand out

– Be extraordinary and different

Stand up

– Move from a sitting or lying down to a vertical position

Stand up for

– Defend, support

Stand up to

– Keep your principles when challenged by an authority
– Resist damage

Start off

– Make something start
– Begin life, a career or existence
– Begin a journey
– Make someone laugh

Start off on

– Help someone to start a piece or work or activity

Start on

– Begin to use or consume
– Criticise angrily

Start on at

– Criticise or nag

Start out

– Begin a journey

Start out as

– Begin life, existence or a career

Start out to

– Intend, plan

Start over

– Begin something again

Start up

– Open a business
– Begin, especially sounds
– When an engine starts working
– Make an engine work
– Sit or stand upright because someone has surprised you

Stay in

– Not go out

Stay on

– Remain longer than anticipated

Stay out

– Not go home

Stay over

– Stay overnight

Stay up

– Not go to bed

Steer clear of

– Avoid

Step aside

– Leave a job or position so that someone else can take over

Step back

– Look at something from a different perspective

Step down

– Leave a job or position so that someone can take over

Step forward

– Offer help

Step in

– Get involved by interrupting something

Step on it

– An imperative used to tell someone to go faster, especially when driving

Step out

– Leave a place for a very short time

Step up

– Increase

Stick it to

– Criticise someone

Stick to

– Not change

Stick up for

– Support or defend

Stir up

– Make trouble for someone else

Stitch up

– Sew something so that it is closed
– Finalise a deal
– Cheat someone or make them look guilty when they aren’t

Stop around (round)

– Visit someone for a short time.

Stop back

– Return somewhere

Stop behind

– Stay somewhere when other people leave

Stop by

– Visit somewhere briefly or quickly

Stop in

– Stay at home
– Visit briefly

Stop off

– Break a journey

Stop out

– Be out late, especially when you are expected home

Stop over

– Stay somewhere when on a journey

Stop up

– Stay up late
– Fill or block something

Storm off

– Leave a place angrily

Storm out

– Leave a place angrily

String along

– Deceive someone for a long time
– Accompany someone because you haven’t got anything better to do

String out

– Make something last as long as possible

String together

– Put words together into a coherent text

String up

– Hang somebody

Stub out

– Extinguish a cigarette

Stumble across

– Find something accidentally

Stumble upon

– Find something accidentally

Stump up

– Pay for something

Suck in

– Become involved in something unpleasant

Suck into

– Become involved in something unpleasant

Suck up to

– Ingratiate yourself with someone

Sum up

– Summarise

Summon up

– Get the energy or courage to do something

Suss out

– Come to understand

Swear by

– Have great confidence in

Sweep through

– Pass easily, succeed
– Move quickly through

Syphon off

– Take business, support or votes from someone
– Divert money illegally

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