Tack on

– Add something that wasn’t planned

Tack onto

– Add or attach something that wasn’t planned to something

Tail away

– Become silent or inaudible

Tail back

– Form a traffic jam

Tail off

– Become silent or inaudible
– Decrease

Take after

– Lookk like, resemble

Take apart

– Take something to pieces

Take aside

– Get someone alone to talk to them

Take away

– Remove

Take back

– Make someone nostalgic
– Retract a statement, admit that something was wrong

Take down

– Make notes or write down in full
– Remove

Take in

– Absorb information
– Deceive
– Make clothes smaller

Take it


– Accept criticism

Take it out on

– Abuse someone because you’re angry

Take off

– Make great progress
– Reduce the price of an item
– When a plane departs or leaves the grounnd

Take on

– Allow passengers on a ship or plane
– Assume a responsibility
– Employ

Take out

– Borrow aa library book
– Borrow money from a bank or other official lender
– Extract or remove
– Go out sociallyy with someone, especially a date
– Obtain insurance
– Kill, murder

Take over

– Assume control of a company or organisation

Take to

– Make a habit of something

Take up

– Fill or occupy time or space
– Make clothes shorter
– Start a new hobby, pastime, etc.

Talk back

– Respond rudely to a person in authority

Talk down

– Try to make something sound less important

Talk down to

– Talk in a way to show your superiority not communicate

Talk into

– Persuade someone to do something

Talk out of

– Persuade someone not to do something

Talk over

– Discuss

Talk through

– Guide someone through an issue

Talk up

– Make something appear more important or significant than it really is

Tap for

– Get money off someone

Tap into

– Use or exploit a plentiful resource for your benefit

Tap off with

– Have sex

Tap out

– Play a rhythm quietly

Tap up

– Approach a footballer illegally to get them to change teams

Tear apart

– Disturb or upset greatly

Tear at

– Pull or try to pull something to pieces

Tear away

– Stop someone doing something unwillingly
– Remove a surface violently

Tear down

– Demolish

Tear into

– Criticise strongly or angrily

Tear off

– Remove part of a form or letter using your hands, not scissors
– Leave at high speed
– Remove with fforce

Tear up

– Rip into pieces
– Destroy

Tell apart

– See a difference between two things

Tell off

– Chide; talk angrily to someone about something they’ve done wrong.

Tell on

– Report someone to an authority

Think over

– Consider something carefully

Think through

– Consider all the possibilities and outcomes of a situation

Think up

– Create or invent something, especially when lying

Throw away

– Discard something when no longer needed

Throw out

– Get rid of

Throw up

– Vomit

Tick away

– Pass (of time)

Tick by

– Pass (of time)

Tick off

– Annoy
– Scold

Tick over

– Continue working, but without improving
– Operate but without moving (engines)

Tide over

– Use something carefully so as not to finish it

Tidy up

– Put things in the correct place in a room

Tie up

– Tie or fasten something securely

Tighten up

– Make something more secure or function better

Tip off

– Secretly inform the police or authorities

Tip over

– Spill, make something fall on its side

Tire of

– Get bored of something

Tire out

– Make someone exhausted

Toddle off

– Leave, go home

Tone down

– Make something sound more moderate

Tool up

– Provide equipment
– Arm yourself or somebody

Top off

– Finish something in a special way

Top out

– Stop increasing, reach the highest point

Top up

– Refill something that isn’t empty yet

Touch down

– Land (planes)

Touch for

– Borrow money

Touch off

– Cause a problem to occur

Touch on

– Mention

Touch up

– Improve the appearance of something
– Touch someone in a sexual way

Touch upon

– Mention

Toy at

– Pretend to think about or think about in a casual way

Toy over

– Think about something

Toy with

– Not eat much of a meal
– Consider something, but not very seriously
– Move or play with something to occupy yoour hands

Track down

– Find after a long search

Trade down

– Sell something and replace it with something cheaper

Trade in

– Exchange something old as part of the price of something new
– Leave your wife or husband to marry someone younger

Trade off

– Bargain, make a deal or compromise
– Accept something you don’t really want to get something you do want

Trade on

-Exploit, use something to your advantage

Trade up

– Buy larger or more expensive items
– Leave your wife or husband and marry sommeone better looking, richer, etc

Trade upon

– Exploit, use to your advantage

Trickle down

– Pass benefits from economic expansion through the economy to the less fortunate

Trot out

– Make a statement (meant negatively)

Trump up

– Charge or accuse someone falsely

Try back

– Phone back

Try for

– Make an attempt to get something

Try it on

– Provoke someone by being annoying or behaving badly
– Attempt to get something, usually by deceit, without great hopes of success

Try on

– Put clothes on to see if they fit

Try out

– Test
– Test something to see if you like it or want to buy it

Try out for

– Be tested for a sports team

Tune in

– Watch or listen to a TV or radio show

Tune in to

– Watch or listen to a TV or radio programme

Tune out

– Ignore, not pay attention

Tune up

– Improve the performance of a machine or engine
– Tune a musical instrument before playing

Turn against

– Stop liking and start disliking

Turn away

– Not allow someone to enter a place

Turn down

– Reduce volume, temperature, etc.
– Reject an offer, invitation, etc.

Turn in

– Go to bed

Turn into

– Become

Turn off

– Stop a machine

Turn on

– Cause someone to feel attraction or pleasure
– Start a machine
– Attack

Turrn out

– Produce
– Produce an unexpected result
– Stop a light
– Attend

Turn over

– Give too the authorities

Turn to

– Try to get help
– Take up a habit

Turn up

– Appear
– Increase volume, temperature, etc.

Type up

– Type a finished version

Use up

– Finish or consume all of something

Veg out

– Relax, do nothing

Venture forth

Wade in

– Start something or get involved, often without thinking or to forcefully
– Attack

Wade into

– Become embroiled or involved in a situation, without thinking or planning usually

Wade through

– Get to the end of something with difficulty

Wait about

– Wait somewhere doing nothing

Wait around

– Wait somewhere doing nothing

Wait behind

– Stay somewhere after other people have left

Wait in

– Stay at home because someone is going to visit

Wait on

– Serve people in a restaurant
– Sell goods in a shop
– Provide someeone with everything they need or want
– Wait for a result before being able to make a decision

Wait out

– Wait till something has finished, usually something unpleasant

Wait up

– Not go to bed because you are waiting

Wait up!

– Stop (imperative)

Wait upon

– Provide someone with what they require
– Wait for a result before being able to make a decision

Wake up

– Stop sleeping

Walk away from

– Leave something you don’t like

Walk away with

– Win easily

Walk in on

– Enter somewhere unexpectedly and see something

Walk into

– Get work without effort

Walk off

– Go for a walk to reduce the effects of an illness or bad feeling

Walk off with

– Win easily
– Take something without permission or steeal

Walk on

– Continue walking

Walk out

– Leave work because of a dispute with the management
– Leave a place angrily or because you aree not satisfied

Walk out on

– Leave somebody angrily

Walk up

– Go to someone

Want out

– Want to leave a relationship or arrangement

Warm up

– Do exercises before a sport

Wash away

– When floods or waves completely remove a structure, building, etc.

Wash down

– Drink in order to swallow something solid

Wash out

– Rain so heavily that an event has to be cancelled

Wash over

– Suddenly experience a strong emotion

Wash up

– Clean everything used to prepare food and eat it
– When something in the sea or river is left on the shore or bank

Watch out

– Be careful (imperative)

Watch out for

– Be careful of something

Watch over

– Keep an eye on something or someone to check that there’s no trouble

Water down

– Make something weaker and less effective

Wear away

– Erode, remove gradually

Wear down

– Make something weaker

Wear off

– Stop having an effect

Wear out

– Use something until it stops working

Weed out

– Remove, get rid of

Weigh in

– Have a certain weight (in sports like boxing)
– Enter an argument forcefully

Weigh up

– Assess

Whip out

– Remove quickly

Whisk away

– Take to another place quickly

White out

– Use correction fluid to cover a mistake in a written text

Wimp out

– Not be brave enough to do something

Wind down

– Relax

Wind up

– Close a company because it’s unprofitable
– Tighten the spring in a watch or clock tto make it work
– Irritate someone or increase their stress level, especially if done deliberately

Winkle out

– Find or get something that takes a great deal of effort

Wipe out

– Make someone very tired
– Kill all of a population, make extinct

Wire up

– Make electrical connections

Wise up

– Stop being stupid

Word up

– Give someone information, advice

Work off

– Exercise to remove stress or weight

Work on

– Improve or develop

Work out

– End nicely
– Find the answer or solution

Wrap up

– Cover in paper
– Dress warmly
– Finish

Write down

– Make notes

Write in

– Send a letter to a TV station, etc.

Write off

– Destroy a car in an accident

Write out

– Write something completely

Write up

– Make complete written version

Yield to

– Surrender

Zero in on

– Direct or focus attention on
– Head for, move towards

Zero out

– Cut off funding for a project
– Reduce to zero, cancel, remove

Zip around

– Move quickly

Zip by

– Pass quickly

Zip up

– Keep quiet

Zone out

– Not pay attention
– Dissociate yourself from a situation


Zonk out

– Fall asleep

Zoom in

– Focus more closely

Zoom in on

– Focus more closely

Zoom off

– Go somewhere quickly

Zoom out

– Focus less closely

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