1. Mark works on an oil-rig. He is sea eight months a year. Odpowiedź: at
  2. Emily didn’t feel well when she woke up this morning, so she stayed bed. Odpowiedź: in
  3. The bus leaves at 7:45 pm. We can meet you the station at 8.30. Odpowiedź: at Odpowiedź
  4. I cannot find my wallet. I must have left it the bus. Odpowiedź: on Odpowiedź

  5. Ed left Italy forty minutes ago. He’s an airplane now. Odpowiedź: on Odpowiedź

  6. Dolly had a car accident a week ago but she still stays hospital. Odpowiedź: in Odpowiedź
  7. I stayed a quite nice motel when I was in Townsville. Odpowiedź: at Odpowiedź
  8. I haven’t seen Kate for a couple months. I last saw her my brother’s wedding. Odpowiedź: at Odpowiedź
  9. In Madrit, two young girls are serving life prisonOdpowiedź: in .Odpowiedź

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